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Whether it's your first triathlon or your hundredth, with our personalised triathlon coaching we'll help you swim, bike, run to the finish line.

Coach Neal M Brown, Purple Triathlon



You are the most important part of your training plan. No cookie-cutter plans here, just personalised triathlon coaching.

Online or in-person

Do your sessions when you want with an online plan, or we can work in-person if you are local.

Goal Focused

We'll help you set achievable triathlon goals, and work up a plan to get you there.

One on One Coaching


Buy a training plan


Video analysis


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We Develop a Plan that works for You

How personalised triathlon coaching works

You'll have a call with Coach Neal M Brown to see if we're a good fit to work with each other. Then, after the first payment, you'll complete a profile to help me plan your training.

You'll be able to access your personalised triathlon coaching plan through a free TrainingPeaks account, which will allow us to see your training data.

We'll offer guidance for planning your race calendar, and a pre-race questionnaire to ensure you have thought of everything for race day.

Neal M. Brown - triathlon coach on bike

About Coach Neal M Brown

Ever since I started teaching swimming at 16 in a school pool in Luton, I have loved helping people achieve their fitness goals.

I've since broadened out into triathlon and work with Tri-Force Hertfordshire and with athletes on a 121 basis.

My philosophy is summed up as:

– Participation: I want to grow the sport and help more people take part

– Fun: training (and racing) should be enjoyable. Why else would you do it?

– Holistic: training is more than just swim, bike, run. I understand how psychology, lifestyle, sleep and more affect our performance.

– Personalised: each athlete is different. Different skills, different experiences, different strengths, different weaknesses, and so on. I provide personalised triathlon coaching that works for you.

If this sounds good to you, work with Coach Neal M. Brown at Purple Triathlon.


Coach Neal M Brown - Triathlon coach
Rachel Smith

Neal's coaching was brilliant - informative, fun and it has had a lasting impact on my running! Neal structured the sessions in a really clear way, providing personalised advice, training exercises and tips - and I was even able to get a PB at my next parkrun as a result!

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